Voter Id Card

Voter Id Card

Voter ID card list includes all the details of citizens who are eligible and entitled to cast vote in elections. A Voter ID Card are developed according to Assembly Constituency. Voter ID card under an Assembly Constituency is divided further into parts that correspond to the nearest polling booths. The Election Commission of India has passed a decree that not more than 1200 people are allocated per booth. The intention of this decree is that no voter may have to travel more than 2 kms for reaching a polling booth. Commonly, one part will coincide with a single polling booth.

In order to execute this franchise, the first and the most important thing that one needs to do is to include the name in the voter list. The name of the person should be registered in the appropriate part of the area where the person lives under the Assembly Constituency. Without the name in the list, no person will be allowed to execute his or her franchise. Therefore, it is not only a right to exercise vote, but a duty to enquire whether the name has been registered or not in the voter list.

Voter ID Card Process

In India, Voter ID card is the most important document of Identity which has many utilities. One can easily get Voter ID card by filling an application form which can be downloaded online. Here is the voter ID card website for registering online - (on clicking the link you will visit at Form downloading page).

After opting for the right form one should download the pdf copy, print it and fill up the application. After filling the application correctly, the application needs to be submitted at the immediate local Electoral Registration Officer ERO with photo copy of any other ID card and a residential proof. Find the nearest ERO office here.

The proof of address document is needed for the BLO (Booth Level Officer) for coming and verifying the residential status of the applicant. Therefore, it is not necessary for the proof of address document to contain the name, but it needs to have the address of the place in which the applicant is staying at. Proof of Address document in the name of the applicant’s parents, relatives, friends etc can be used with whom the applicant is staying. During the process of verification of address, the person whose name is on the proof of address document needs to confirm that that the applicant is staying in the same house.

After the process has been finished, the job of the applicant is completed and the Voter ID card making will start few days after submission of the application.


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