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How To Check Voter ID Card Status Online

Maximum number of times any authorized officer would come to your home and he would check that all the documents including residential proof provided by you were correct or not? Once, the verification of all the requisite documents have been done, then it would take few more days for your voter identity card being delivered to you. People are recommended that they should go through the voter ID card online status. It is essential for people to get registered in the electoral list and this is prepared once in every 5 years. In order to apply for this voter identity card, you need to make use of form 6. It is highly recommended that go through the electoral list that is being displayed by your nearest polling booth and apply for the card.

All the citizens of India who are more than the age of 18 years are eligible for a voter id card. This is one of the most important identification document through which you are eligible and completely authorized to cast you vote in the state elections. Assemble constituency is responsible for the development of these voter ID cards. If you are more than the age of 18 years old, then you can visit any of next-door pooling booths and apply for this voter ID card.

  • One of the most important rules that have been set by the Indian election commission is that every polling booth is entitled to handle a crowd of 1200 people only.
  • Once, you have applied for the voter identity card and then check voter ID card online status. If you want to get this voter identity card, then one of the most important aspects is to include your name in voter list. When your name would be registered in a particular area and then only you would be entitled to get the voter identity card.
  • Assembly constituency provided all its citizens with value added services and they can log on to the official website for voter id check online. In case, if your name has not been registered in the franchise, then you would not be issued this voter card.
  • Moreover, this card is not only necessary for casting the votes and selecting an appropriate candidate, but you need to ensure that whether your name is present in the voter list or not?
  • The process of filing an application for voter identity card is very simple. This is one of the most important documents and it has got many uses for an ordinary citizen of India.

 People are recommended that they should log on to the official website and they can download the online application form for the same purpose. Once, you are done with this step and then you need to fill this form in capital letters and this need to be submitted near-by your local registration office. Citizens would be required to submit some essential documents such as residential proof along with an identity proof and they can do voter id check online.

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