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Online Application For Voter ID Card In Andhra Pradesh

Previously it was not mandatory for people to have a voter’s card at the time of elections. Now because of the decree it is necessary for everyone to have a voter ID card. It is indeed a mammoth job to issue a voter’s photo identity card (EPIC) card to every single eligible voters in the country.

It was Andhra Pradesh which became the first state to organize the Online Application for voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh, successfully. Nowadays, you can easily perform all of the election related works such as registration of voter card, inclusion of a voter’s name in the voter list, rectification of errors in the name or address of the elector card and a lot more are done by the voters themselves with the help of the Voter ID Card Online Registration means.

It has become very easy for people to get their duplicate voter card online or rectify any mistakes in your voter ID card.
Apply for Voter ID Card Online: Those of you, who are residing in Andhra Pradesh and wish to apply for a voter ID card to vote at an assembly constituency in the state, simply follow these steps:

  • Log on to  . You will be promptly redirected to the Home Page of the website where you will have to register with your credentials in order to get your username and password.
  • After that you will get a unique username name and password.
  • Now simply login with this user name and password. You will be directed to an e-registration link.
  • Now click the E-registration link and you will see many forms.

Access the correct form as per your need. For instance you can use:

  • Form 6 if you are a new voter without a voter ID card at all.
  • Form 8 if your name is not in the voter list of your assembly constituency or data on your voter ID card is wrong.
  • Form 8A if you have changed your address in the same assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

After having selected the correct form and having filled it correctly, click the Submit button. You will be given a registration number. Don’t forget to submit hard copies of your age proof and address proof to the nearest Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)’s office.

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