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Online Voter ID Card Verification

List of voter ID card incorporates complete details of the individuals, who are entitled and eligible for casting their votes in any election, whether is of state legislature, municipality or parliament. These cards are made as per assembly constituency. These cards coming under an assembly constituency are categorized later into different segments, which correspond to the closest booths of polling. Indian election commission has declared a verdict that not more than 1200 people are allowed to exercise their franchise per booth. The motto of this verdict is that no individual eligible for voting will have to cover greater 2 kilometers of distance for approaching the booth of polling. Generally, one segment will intercept with one both of polling. For execution of this franchise, the most pertinent thing is that an individual is supposed to get his name enrolled in the list of voters. The name of an individual must be registered in the suitable segment of that area where an individual dwells under that assembly constituency. Without having the name enrolled in the list, no any individual will be entitled for casting his or her vote. Hence, it is not only a right for exercising vote but a personal duty for making discreet inquiry about the registration of the name in the list of voters. Therefore, voter ID verification is must for an individual for exercising his or her franchise.

Card of voter ID is the most pertinent card claiming one‘s identity that has a lot of usefulness. For online voter ID card verification, one is supposed to fill an application that can be downloaded online. There is a certain website for getting registered online. What one is required to do is simply click the link. After applying for the right form, one is required to download the copy of PDF and fill this application after printing it. After filling it properly, the applicant is required to submit it to the ERO (Electoral Registration officer) along with photo copy of any residential proof or any other ID. The document of address proof is required or booth level officer (BLO) for verification of the residence of the concerned applicant. Hence, it is not mandatory for the document of address proof for containing the name but it is required to contain the address of the residence, where the applicant is living. Document of address proof addressed in the name of friends, relatives and friends of the applicant can be used with whom the concerned applicant is dwelling. During the verification of address, the individual, whose name is written on the document of proof address, needs to make confirmation that the concerned applicant is living in the same home. After this process, the whole working is complete and the making of voter ID will start within a few days after the applicant has submitted the application.

In conclusion, to get voter ID card online, one is required to fill the downloaded application and then submit it ERO along with required documents. One needs to be very accurate and precise while filling the form. Any mistake or error committed might lead to sheer frustration.

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