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Benefits of Voter ID Card

1. It avoids proxy voting and a person’s identity is confirmed.

2. The card also gives the information through the election commission to the voter about the place or booth where he/she has to exercise their votes.

3. It also serves as an ID proof and address proof for an individual.

 To sum a few notable advantages of the Voter ID card are:

1. It is an identity which is acceptable and more authentic.

2. It is a confirmation about the registration of a person’s voting rights and venue.

3. It contains a person’s photo graph, signature and also fingerprints to avoid proxy voting.

4. The voter ID card number if noted in the register, repeated voting of the same person is avoided.

5. Low literate people find it more useful.

6. It also serves as valid address proof.

7. If a person is not acquainted with any one, the voter ID card will be helpful.

8. It gives due education to the voter on his rights and privileges.

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