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Duplicate Voter ID Card

It is very important to have a Voter ID Card these days. Besides offering an opportunity to vote in the elections, this document has also become necessary for various purposes that require identification proof. It is being used in many instances. All those people who are more than 18 years of age are eligible to vote and for this purpose it is necessary to get a Voter ID Card made as soon as minimum age for voting has been attained.

In case, you lose your voter ID card because of some reason like theft or misplacing it unintentionally, you have to apply for getting a duplicate voter ID card. It is imperative that no time is lost in getting a Duplicate voter ID Card made as it is an important Identification proof that is needed at various places.

How to Get a Duplicate Voter ID Card

  1. A Form 002 needs to be filled by you so as applying for a Voter ID Card in duplicate.
  2. An FIR should also be filed immediately whenever such instance of voting ID card getting lost occurs. When applying for the duplicate voter ID, a properly filled Form 002 needs to be submitted along with FIR Copy that has been lodged with the police.
  3. Besides FIR Copy and the Form 002, address proofs and identity proofs also needs to be submitted. These proofs can be photocopies of driving license, PAN card, passport or ration card that will be treated as identity proof, while as address proof, gas bill or electricity bill can be submitted.
  4. Besides submitting application form 002 duly filled and all these different documents, a fine of Rs 25 also needs to be paid.
  5. These documents and the application form can be submitted along with the amount to be paid as fine at area’s local Electoral Registration Office of your area.
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