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Voter Id Card Enquiry

Filing as a Citizen of India, suggests that issuing Voter ID cards had started in the year 2010. People living in Bengal who have crossed 18-years of age can apply now for fresh voter identity card and can make a way for voting in the coming elections for Bidhan Sabha in 2011.

Citizens who have Voter Id Card query can obtain answers instantly from a newly launched Election Care Help Line for West Bengal. With a support from BSNL, Election Commission has started two processes for voter id card enquiry, voter id card tracker system and to receive complaints from Bengal citizens.

How To Clear A Voter ID Card Query?

  • An SMS to 94336 33333 with Serial number of Voter ID Card.
  • Alternatively, call 1506 (Phone number of Ananda Babu) and talk to Ananda babu.

Voter ID Enquiry Office

  • Location: Sector-15-1 Gurgaon
  • Description: Provides Voter ID Card.
  • Phone no. 0124-288 88 88
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