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The Election Commission arranges the electoral rolls by a process of comprehensive revision in which house-to-house catalog takes place and voters living in each and every house are scheduled by official enumerators who physically go door-to-door and collect required information from electors. The process normally takes place once every five years. Between two comprehensive revisions, arbitrary revisions also take place every year during specific duration when people who do not possess voter id card and are out of electoral rolls are given a chance for registering themselves by applying voter id card Form 6. It is also assumed from applicants to get the name removed from the place where the applicant had stayed earlier, and get it added at the new place in case he or she has shifted. For this, on their part, it is enough to file a claim voter id card application form in Form 6 before the Electoral Registration Officer in the new area and in that voter id card application form  must give the full address of the earlier area of residence. Being absent shortly from the place of residence will not cause denial to continue his/her name in list of electoral. Similarly, removal of names of deceased persons or persons who have moved residence from one locality to another locality outside the assigned part of the list of electoral is carried. It should be noted that one can register only at a single place. Registering in two or more places is a crime.

Voter ID Card Application Form

During the Comprehensive Revision of list of electoral which usually is performed once every five years, a plan roll is constructed as soon as registration from every home and it is displayed at every location of polling booth for inviting objections and claims. Any eligible person can apply for claim in voter id card application Form 6 for including his name in the roll or object someone else’s name or for deleting his or any name of other person in voter id card Form No. 7. Similarly if there are any details in the list of electoral roll where modifications like name, middle name, last name, age, sex, house number, epic number etc. a claim for voter id card Form No. 8 should be applied. In cases where an elector has shifted his residence in one polling region of one Booth to another booth within the same Assembly Constituency, then he can apply in voter id card Form No. 8A for changing or transpositioning against one electoral place to another place. During Arbitrary revisions of the list of electoral roll which is done every year, the prevailing electoral lists are displayed at every polling booth areas for inviting objections and claims to include, delete, modify and for Transpositioning. Thereafter required enquiry takes place all the objections and claims are settled and a auxiliary electoral roll is constructed and published.

The process of collecting, verifying and publishing electoral rolls is a continuous process. The electoral roll changes very frequently as citizens can apply for adding, deleting or updating or any other modification in an application at the Office of Electoral Registration.

According to law, the name of the applicant shall be registered until the closing date of nominations filing by candidates which is informed by the Election Commission during any Assembly or Parliament general election or any other bye-election. In order that the Electoral Registration Officer shall act on the application, the candidate must apply within ten days before the last date of filing nominations as the officer compulsorily has to welcome objections by providing a notice of seven days prior to including the name of the candidate in the list. If the application arrives late after clearing ten days prior to the closing date for applications, then the name of the candidate might not get included in the electoral roll for that specific election.

Voter Registration Forms

For inclusion of names Form- 6
For inclusion of names for overseas electors Form- 6A
For any objection on inclusion of names Form- 7
For correction of entries in the Electoral Rolls Form- 8
For transposition of entry in electoral roll Form- 8A
Appointment of substitute proxy by classified service voter to give vote. Form- 13F & G


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